Foreign languages and culture

For the past two weeks, we have been discussing foreign language and culture in my english class. We’ve had discussions in a broad variety of topics, ranging from internet memes to how we should solve the problem of languages dying off. Unfortunately, I thought this was an english class. Instead, we always have to talk about things that aren’t relevant. The worst part is, we spend all class discussing these things so we don’t really learn anything about the english language. In fact, we have actually spent more time learning about the negative aspects of the english language than learning about its systems or uses.

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Today we talked about how a language dies every 14 hours and how there are three main languages that “bully” others, in essence.Those languages were english, spanish, and chinese. I failed to see how languages dying was a bad thing, but maybe that’s just me. Isn’t it a good thing that people can communicate with the same codes? It brings people closer together, in my opinion. Not directly, but in a more abstract way. If nobody is speaking those languages anymore, it’s probably a good thing. They still have to be able to communicate with others to function in society. If the language is dead, then there’s no point in trying to speak it anymore because there is nobody else to communicate with through that code. I never really voice my ideas in class because I really don’t care about it. My buddy in Vegas used to always tell me how he felt about class. I remember always talking about the current subject at hand and then getting in trouble. We actually called the other night, and he was telling me how much he loves operating his las vegas liquor license business.

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I talk a lot in economics because I really love that class, but english is just a bunch of complaining that the world is falling apart. I apologize if my articles always seem like I’m complaining and cynical, but I have more negative thoughts than positive. Doesn’t mean I’m unhappy, just means I disagree with my surroundings. Culture just happens to be one of my least favorite topics, because it just doesn’t interest me. My english teacher has been all over the world and immersed himself in all these european and asian cultures, so he tries super hard to open up our eyes to other experiences.

Why Selena Gomez is the best

I have four words for you. Wizards of Waverly Place. It may be more of a young girl-oriented show, but my sister and I used to watch Wizards of Waverly Place when it originally aired. The stories of young wizard Alex Russo and her struggles with both her family and her friends captured everyone’s heart, both young and old. She was both talented and extremely gorgeous, with a promising career ahead of her in the music industry. She’s definitely better than Ariana Grande. Justin Bieber’s busy in Canada getting arrested, so it’s up to Selena to steal the spotlight. Even though she was on the Disney channel which centers around music, there wasn’t really and singing in Wizards of Waverly Place.
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The show was about how Alex Russo dealt with her daily life as a teenage girl. She had two brothers and a moth and father, who all lived in the upstairs of a sandwich shop. They all worked at the shop, however. I think she dated a vampire at one point but it could have been a werewolf. All I really remember is that he was English and probably super attractive by a young teenage girl’s standards. She was so good that the show lasted for multiple seasons and even had its own movie. I honestly can’t remember the title of the movie, but it was likely the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie. The story of the movie was that the family was on a vacation in Hawaii and they were having some personal issues with each other, so Alex wishes that her parents had never met.
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If Selena is ever in Miami, she’s covered by the miami hood cleaning pros who work there. Her wish comes true for some reason (I wonder what it’s like) and her parents begin to fall for other people, so she has to go locate this mystical idol thing and bring her parents back together before she and her siblings disappear permanently. Sounds pretty complex, but it’s a good thing she’s an amazing actor. There were lots of other good actors in the movie, too.

Service Businesses Make Great Money on the Internet


My specialty in web work is small business websites for ‘service’ companies.  What does that mean?  Well, a ‘service’ company is any company that needs their potential client to realize that they need some sort of work or service done and that they will call into that company to get a quote or set an appointment.

How to tell if you have a service company:  do all (or nearly all) of your clients call you to set an appointment or ask for a bid for your services?  Then most likely, you’re in a service business.

What makes that different?  Well, if you had the other type of business that is popular, a ‘brick and mortar’, you most likely have a storefront or a shop where you expect peoples first experience with you is by them visiting.

What difference does it make on the web?  Well, in a ‘brick and mortar’ business, your website is more of a ‘presence’ site.  Which is a website that is designed to get the viewer to come to your shop or to order a product online.  Whereas a ‘service company’ website is more of a site designed to elicit a specific response, which is to pick up the phone and call for services.

Let me show you a couple examples.  Look at the website for Macy’s .


The site has a single purpose: get you excited about what is going on at Macy’s. Notice this: no obvious phone number.  In fact, if you want to call Macy’s, you have to dig relentlessly through the site to find a phone number to call.

Now, compare that to a ‘service company’.  Like this Reno carpet cleaning company.

Reno Carpet Cleaning Company website example

See the difference here.  The phone number is displayed large and proud – just begging you to make the call.  They even have a click to call button to make it easy to dial.

The process is simple. You found our website. We are selling you on our capability to do good work, and we’re asking you to do the next step, which is to simply phone us.

Does this work?  Oh, hell yes.  When you see the difference in a website for a service business that makes the mistake of putting a ‘brick and mortar’ presence website up instead of a smart service business site, it can be hundreds of phone calls per month more.

One of my clients in Reno, Nevada was getting 2-3 phone calls per month off their website.  When we rejuvenated it and structured it to drive phone calls, they started getting 150-200 calls per month requesting quotes for services.  Just think about that.  How much better would your business be if you had 100+ people calling you for quotes each month?

Is it time for you to restructure your web presence?  I can advise you or do the work for you.  Just give me a call at (775) 544-1112.  My name is JR and I’m here to help service businesses maximize their potential.  Call me today with questions or to get a free review of your web presence.

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